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Borgo-Italia intends to introduce, protect and defend all the less famous sides of Italy (monuments, traditions, natural places and peculiar landscapes, events, markets…).

It is a non profit-making portal and the costs eventually exposed represent only a small contribution to sustain the current expenses, thanks to the material coming from our visitors, from the townships, tourist and cultural associations …

All the material sent to Borgo-Italia will be published at unchangeable judgement of our staff and it is intended free form any kind of copyright, under responsibility of the sender.

All the material will be published, if so indicated, with the name of the sender or with a pseudonym.

The material sent will not be returned and the staff will be free of making use of it at the proper time. If considered appropriate, the material will be published only and uniquely on borgo-italia and will not be handed over to third party without author’s explicit consensus. Borgo-italia however is not responsible for downloads which are not authorized by the staff.

However it is absolutely necessary to produce in full the name and/or company name and the email address.

The sender has to indicate if the visitors of Borgo-Italia can download and use it (always quoting the name) or not.
Without indications the material will be considered free.

Any views and/or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Borgo-Italia.

The staff reserves the right of modifying and adapting the material.
In addition the staff has the right of deleting the material without informing the author.

No payment is due or requested for the publication of the material.

Special Info

  • News from the Province of....and overseas news
    The first time that a news sent by a municipality, an association … will be published; we will send an email of confirmation to the address of the sender.
    In absence of answer the following news will not be published.
    The staff of borgo-italia is not responsible for the possible mistakes in the news, both of the sender and of the staff during the transcription or the adaptation to the web display.
  • Link exchange
    The links in the sections “friendly links” and “other links” are published at unchangeable judgement of our editorial staff that has the right of deleting them without information.
    Borgo-italia is not responsible for the content of the websites.
  • Comments of the visitors and forum "...dite la vostra"
    The comments sent by the visitors do not necessarily represent the position and the opinion of the staff of Borgo-Italia.
    The staff has the right of deleting the inappropriate comments.
  • Any content of emails sent to the address info@borgo-italia.it will be able to be used by the staff of Borgo-italia at their sole discretion and regardless of any restrictions indicated in the email itself

We will not accept material of pornographic, political, religious, violent nature or with insulting content toward people, institutions, etc.

Borgo-Italia is not connected to reviewed and/or linked websites and is not responsible for their contents.

Under the law no. 62 of 7th March 2001 the present website do not constitute a newspaper, Borgo-Italia is not a periodical and it is updated subject to the availability of the Staff.